Participants in this 14-session program will realize their potential for personal leadership, increase self-motivation, and develop a written and specific plan of action for success.

Programs consists of a kick-off session, a goals workshop, and the following 12 lessons:

1 - Your Potential for Personal Leadership

  • Believing in Your Full Potential
  • Discovering Your Untapped Potential
  • Your Opportunity for Leadership Growth
  • Personal Leadership Requires Courage
  • Focusing on Your Strengths
  • The Rewards of Leadership
  • The Internal Nature of Personal Leadership

2 - Self-Knowledge: The Source of Personal Leadership

  • Self-Knowledge and Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding Our Past
  • Breaking Out of a Conditioned Existence
  • Developing a Strong Self-Image
  • True Leaders Are Authentic Leaders
  • Committing to Authentic Leadership

3 - Six Essentials of Personal Leadership

  • Success Essential #1: Personal Responsibility
  • Success Essential #2: Purpose
  • Success Essential #3: Plan
  • Success Essential #4: Passion
  • Success Essential #5: Positive Expectancy
  • Success Essential #6: Persistence

4 - Take Personal Responsibility

  • Personal Responsibility Equals Freedom
  • Personal Responsibility and Self-Motivation
  • Recognizing Our Basic Human Needs
  • The Disadvantages of Motivation Through Fear
  • The Limits of Motivation Through Incentive
  • The Power of Motivation Through Attitudes

5 - Discover Your Purpose

  • Singleness of Purpose Requires Commitment
  • Discovering Your Life Purpose
  • Crystallizing Your Life Purpose
  • Establishing Your Priorities
  • Creating a Personal Mission Statement
  • The Fundamentals of Goal Setting
  • Advoiding Distractions on Your Path

6 - Plan Your Path

  • Programming Your Goal-Setting Computer
  • Committing to Your Goals
  • Understanding Different Goals
  • Tangible and Intangible Goals
  • Obstacles to Goals Achievement
  • The Power of Target Dates
  • Is it Worth it to Me?

7 - Ignite Your Passion

  • Making Passion a Way of Life
  • The Hallmarks of Genuine Passion
  • Enthusiasm Reflects Your Passion
  • Controlling the Emotional Climate
  • How to Build Enthusiasm
  • The Benefits of Enthusiasm

8 - Act with Positive Expectancy

  • Positive Expectancy Requires Belief
  • How Positive Expectancy Works
  • Positive Expectancy Starts with Affirmation
  • Positive Expectancy is Magnified with Visualization
  • Developing an Attitude of Positive Expectancy
  • How Our Attitudes and Habits are Formed
  • Changing Current Attitudes and Habits
  • The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

9 - Follow Through with Persistence

  • Reasons Why People Quit
  • Developing Iron-Willed Persistence
  • Turning Adversity Into Opportunity
  • Making Good Decisions Requires Persistence
  • Persistence Pays Off!

10 - Living a Balanced Life

  • The Total Person® and Personal Leadership
  • Planning Your Time with Priorities in Mind
  • Time is Your Most Valuable Asset
  • Taking Responsibility for the Time You Use
  • Becoming a Total Person®

11 – The Art of Successful Communication

  • Leaders are Communicators
  • The Critical Role of Empathy in Communication
  • Learning to Listen with Empathy
  • Developing Empathy
  • Setting an Example by Relationship Management
  • Leadership Through Communication

12 - Multiplying Your Leadership

  • Leaders Have Integrity and Character
  • Leaders Are Role Models
  • Leaders Are Developers of People
  • Leaders Are Empowerers of People
  • The Rewards of Empowering Others
  • Living a Life Filled with Potential
  • The Leadership Challenge